Zoho Migration

Zoho Migration

The migration process to Zoho from other systems


Started doing migration of accounts data from other systems to Zoho Book in March 2020. Since then we have dealt with 4 successful migrations from four different systems including Tally. We have used advanced features/tools in MS Excel and Google sheet to sort data exported from ‘other systems’.


From ‘’ software

‘’ is cloud-based accounting software, which also works offline. This work was done for a Facility Management company in UAE. Migration Duration was for two and a half years with opening balance. There was no inventory.

Techniques adopted

Used advanced ‘vlookup’ and ‘filter’ feature in excel as well as google sheets to sort against reference payments and receipts.

From ‘Tally.ERP’ software

‘Tally.ERP’ is one of the leading enterprise resource planning software. The client is an advertising company. We have migrated two and a half years of data without opening balances and inventory. The client was maintaining the details of the item in another software called ‘FileMaker’.

Techniques adopted
  1. Customers & vendors : ODBC used to obtain the address, TRN, phone, email, etc.
  2. Chart of Accounts : ODBC used to get the account heads and subheads.

From ‘Profit.nx’ software

‘Proft.nx is an upcoming ERP software. The client was one of the good sellers of packing material in the UAE. We have migrated data for a period of 4 months with inventory and opening balances.

From ‘Manual book-keeping’ to Zoho Books

We have also migrated data of a client from manual book-keeping to ‘Zoho Books’. We have taken all the data to excel and then imported it to ‘Zoho Books’.



  1. Vendors & Customers
    1. Payment voucher template shall be available
    2. One customer shall have option to have multiple currencies
  2. Items
    1. Option to resize the images in items
    2. Shall make image options available only for selected templates
    3. GRN modules
  3. Custom Fields
    1. Option to show the custom fields in selected pdf only.
  4. Company Profile
    1. If TRN changes, there shall be option to update it after the date of change

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