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Supplies are in general subject to rate of 5%. There are certain exceptions which are given below

  • The supply of goods and services in certain industries, such as Healthcare, Education, Real Estate and Transport, will be subject to either the zero-rate or exempted. (Note that this may differ throughout the GCC)
  • The supply of goods outside the GCC are subject to the zero-rate
  • The importation of goods are subject to the zero-rate in the case that the goods are exempted or zero-rated in the UAE
  • The supply of e-commerce services will be subject to the zero-rate when supplied to a recipient who is not a resident nor present in the GCC at the time that the services are performed
  • The supply of international transportation of passengers and/or goodsincluding ancillary transport services is subject to zero-rate
  • The supply of local passenger transport services in a qualifying vehicle, qualifying vessel or qualifying aircraft will be exempt
  • Supplies within the hospitality sector such as hotel, restaurants, etc. will be subject to VAT at 5%
  • This includes the organization of events such as exhibitions and conferences
  • Supplies within the Leisure sector will in general be subject to VAT at 5%
  • Services associated with facilitating outbound travel packages (to destinations outside the GCC) shall be zero-rated

Tax rate table are given below. This should work as a search engine

Find VAT rate applicable for your product

Electronic goods5
Computer accessories5
Live animals5
Meat and edible meat offal5
Packed food items5
Coffea, tea…etc5
Rice, wheat…etc5
Legal services5
Software development5
Medical services0
Hotel room5

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